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Why the World Needs Vegetarianism Now More Than Ever

It is quite clear how our dependency on the animal food product is ruining our health and deteriorating the world in every way imaginable. So, what is the solution? It is ‘Veganism’. Sounds simple doesn’t it? It actually is.

The benefits of adapting a vegetarian diet are applicable to both the micro and macro worlds. On a personal level, the benefits of adapting a vegan diet are truly amazing. Many believe that the vegan diet doesn’t contain all the nutrients necessary for full-body growth. They’re not wrong, but they’re not completely right either.

As far as the vegetarian diet is concerned, the benefits outweigh the deficiencies by a country mile. According, to an article published in the ‘American Journal of Clinical Nutrition’, it was found that the vegans are thinner, have low cholesterol and possess lower risk of cancer.

Many researchers have shown that a person with a vegan diet is less likely to have cancer. Moreover, the vegan diet reduces the risk of obesity because of the lower amount of cholesterol compared to non-veg. diet.

The vegans have lower risk of chronic diseases which results in great life-expectancy. With one third of the world’s population being obese, obesity is a major health issue that the world needs to encounter. Different studies conducted around the world show that the vegetarian people are less prone to obesity. It has also been proven that it is easy for the vegetarian people to maintain their weight compared to the non-vegetarians.

So, adapting a vegan diet can be a blessing in disguise for these people. The vegan diet does not only benefit your body but it also has an effect on your brain. You would be surprised to know that vegetarian diet can help you sustain a better mood.


It is true up to some extent that the vegetarian food consists of some deficiencies. Having said that, this reason alone is not enough for someone to go on a non-vegetarian diet. The drastic effects of producing non-vegetarian food is something that cannot be and should not be ignored.

As discussed earlier, the vegetarian food is way healthier compared to its counterpart. A study published in the British Journal of Cancer showed that vegetarians are less likely to develop cancer of the blood than meat eaters and less likely to develop cancer overall.

Obesity is one of the major problems when it comes to health. It is a fact that obese people are prone to diseases such as diabetes. The vegans are less likely to be obese compared to the non-vegetarians. Therefore on a personal level, adapting to vegan food is no brainer.

Even on a bigger scale, consumption of the vegan food is advantageous for everyone. The resources used for the production of the non-vegetarian food are far greater compared to the ones used for the production of vegan food. This leads to catastrophic effects such as environmental pollution, water scarcity and deforestation.

When it comes to the macro-scale, the vegan food is the clear winner. It is estimated that 108 billion animals are killed for food each year.

As the saying goes, ‘Know where your food comes from.’ Before consuming the meat we should know the cruelty these animals are treated with. Taking all the aspects in to the account, it is obvious and logical to take up Veganism.

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  1. Great points made here. With the growing population, eating in a more sustainable way will be the only way to achieve harmony with nature.

  2. Any tips on how to start a vegetarian diet? I’ve always wanted to be a vegan.

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