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Top Most Trending Cryptocurriencies – 2018

2017 was the year of virtual currency. Cryptocurrency is trending payment and investment property these days. And 2018 will see a huge leap in the trading of the cryptocurrencies. As more investors have started investing their money on cryptocurrencies in 2017, it seems the coming year may see an upsurge in their prices. So, let us find here which currency will make it to the top or which cryptocurrency may bring you more returns.


At the top of the list, Bitcoin is the most popular digital decentralized currency. It is most used cryptocurrency in the world. Bitcoins are easy to buy with debit or credit card instantly. The most critical part of Bitcoin is it can be used anonymously and which is why it is the major point of concern for most countries. Over 2017, the price value of Bitcoin faced lots of crests with minor toughs. However, the digital currency analyst reports state that the coming year 2018 seems to bring in good news for Bitcoin as the digital currency seems to soar higher due to the favorable conditions.


The next cryptocurrency that stands to Bitcoin is Ethereum. Unlike Bitcoin, Ethereum is created to deploy smart contracts, which are based on a custom build blockchain. To store currency, you have Ethereum wallets, which also secures the same, deploy and utilize smart contracts. Ethereum rise seems to be projectile in 2017 and it may be meteorite this 2018. Ethereum is more like a platform unlike currency and with the soaring heights of Dapps (a decentralized application), ethereum may seem to be good investment.

Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin is the most popular hardforks of the Bitcoin Core. This hardfork supports the bigger block sizes. This all started as the currency gained the same value as Bitcoin, when the investors started buying and selling it. The beginnings were very slow and low however, it started gaining power and it may seem to skyrocket.


Climbing up the ladder, Ripple has started taking upper positions. Ripple is another cryptocurrency or rather we can say a transaction protocol for global payments. At very lower fees, Ripple helps in transmitting the payments worldwide. Ripple has the recognized clients such as American Express, Japan and SBI Holdings. And, this obviously gives investors the confidence in the protocol and makes the fourth most popular cryptocurrency around the world.


Litcoin was among the traditional cryptocurrencies following bitcoin and most often referred to as Silver to Bitcoin’s gold. Litcoin is similar to Bitcoin in many ways, but there are some minor differences such as it has a faster block generation rate and therefore, it offers a faster transaction confirmation. Apart from developers, there are increasing numbers of merchants who trade in Litcoin.

There are the five top cryptocurrencies trending in 2018. There are more than 100 cryptocurrencies existing in the digital world. But, the data shows that these top five have scored their places and seem to play well throughout this year 2018.

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