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Reasons to Go For Vegetarianism

Green is the new word these days. A number of celebrities have decided to go green and have adopted either vegetarianism or veganism. Due to ethical, environmental, or health reasons, a number of people choose to give up some or all of the animal products. You will be surprised to know that Mike Tyson has adopted veganism. Among us are many who have thought upon adopting a completely vegetarian or vegan diet but have no control over our desires. One thing every non-vegetarian person needs to know is that it is only for the passing pleasure that they are feeding on animals, birds, and water-living creatures. It is not only unethical but also health damaging.

Let us now discuss some of the reasons why you should be practicing vegetarianism. Maybe it can serve as a motivation to many who are aiming at transforming their diet.

Longer And Disease Free Life:

When you are vegetarian, you are avoiding a number of foods which are high in cholesterol. This means that you will have lower total and LDL cholesterol, lower blood pressure, and lower BMI than that of non-vegetarians. Research also suggests that vegetarians are at low risk of cardiac problems. This is because high-fiber whole grains and legumes are consumed by vegetarians in large quantities. All this leads to the conclusion that being a vegetarians confers on you a long and healthy life.

Photo by Dan Gold on Unsplash

Healthy Mind:

You will surprised to know that the foods we eat impact our mind. They determine our mood. Often, we find that without any upheavals we often feel dejected and upset. This is because of the food we eat. Arachidonic acid, usually found in animal sources, is said to be linked with mood disturbances. With vegetarians, avoiding non-vegetarian food, they are less prone to mood disturbances. In a study conducted at Benedictine University, it was proved that restricting animal products can lead to improvement in mood.

Many spiritual organizations propagate that the animal food derived from the killing of animals comes with vibrations of pain and agony.  Such food, when it enters our bodies, creates more such negative vibrations and thus, impacts our mood. This is why we must chose to be a vegetarian.

Environment Friendly:

Man is a social animal. He cannot exist in seclusion or solitude. Each species needs the support of other to survive and thrive on earth. With the killing of our fellow beings, we are not just hurting them but disturbing our ecosystem. Coexistence is possible when we live in cooperation with our fellow species instead of hurting them. There are n number of vegetables and fruits available for gratifying our hunger, then why feed on the blood and flesh of animals?

One more point here is the amount of damage that the meat industry is causing on the environment can only be imagined. The chemical and animal waste from factory farms pollutes the water bodies. So, one of the major reasons why we must avoid non-vegetarian food is to reduce the amount of pollution caused in the environment.

Avoiding Toxic Chemicals:

Almost 95 percent of the pesticide residue found in an American diet comes from meat, fish, and dairy products. Fish contains high amount of carcinogens and heavy metals. These toxic chemicals cannot be removed even by cooking or freezing. This way, by being a vegetarian, you can avoid filling your body with harmful chemicals.

Many people around us believe that vegetarian food is all about eating leafy greens. It is all about tasteless and bland food. However, this is not true. Believe me, there are endless food options when you are a vegetarian. Even a vegetarian food platter can offer you lip-smacking delicacies whose taste lingers on your taste buds for a lifetime. Are you a vegetarian or a non-vegetarian? What are your experiences with a vegetarian diet? Share your thoughts in the section below.

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