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Rava Dhokla (Sooji of Fine Variety) without using Dhokla steamer

Are you looking for new dish for your morning breakfast, here you can find “Rava Dhokla” recipe. You can make this dish in minimal amount of time, it is very simple and easy to make for anyone. And yes it does not require fermentation so you don’t have to preplan it. You can eat this dish with green chutney or mango juice.

Rava Dhokla


Let me first start with Ingredients and then will show you step by step method to prepare it.


3 Cup Rava (1cup=100ml)
1 teaspoon Eno (fruit salt-Lemon flavored) or baking soda.
2 tablespoon curds.
1 tablespoon green garlic (optional).
1 teaspoon red chili powder (optional).
2 cup water or added as required.
Salt as required.

For tempering:

3 tablespoon oils.
1 teaspoon mustard seeds.
8 to 10 curry leaves.
1 tbsp sesame seeds.
A pinch of asafeotida (Hing).

For garnishing:

Coriander leaves.

Hope you have all the ingredients, Let’s go to preparation step by step

Step 1:

Take one cup of water in bowl, heat it to lukewarm. Now add rava,curd,salt and green garlic to lukewarm water. Stir it properly, make sure there is no lumbs are form in the batter. Batter should not be too thick nor too thin.  Add water if required. now please keep aside the batter for 30 to 40 minutes.

Rava Dhokla

Step 2:

The batter can be steamed in Dhokla steamer or in kadhai. Here I have steamed the batter in kadhai. now please add 2 cup of water in kadhai and heat the kadhai for 5 minutes till the water start evaporating.

Rava Dhokla

Step 3:

Now take the dish in which you want to cook the Dhokla, first add 2 teaspoon oil and batter in empty dish and then add 1 teaspoon Eno (fruit salt) to it.

Rava Dhokla

Step 4:

Stir the batter in dish with your hand (or spoon)  in circular motion for 60 seconds.

Rava Dhokla

Step 5:

Now quickly keep the dish in kadhai which we have ready beforehand(Step 2).

Rava dhokla

Step 6:

Cover it with dish and Let’s wait for 10 minutes for steaming

Rava Dhokla

Step 7:

After 10 minutes open the covered dish and check it with knife, insert knife in center of dish of batter, if batter sticks to knife than cooked the batter for few more minutes and if batter does not sticks to knife than Dhokla are steamed properly.

Rava Dhokla

Step 8:

For tempering, first heat oil in pan than add mustard seeds, when mustard seeds start crackling and than add sesame seeds, curry leaves and asafoetida (Hing) to pan.

Rava dhokla

Step 9:

Now spread the tempering mixture (of step 8) all over the Dhokla.

Note: If you want spicy Dhokla you can sprinkle red chilli powder all over the Dhokla before applying the tempering mixture (of step 8) or you can add green chilli paste in the batter before we steamed it.

Rava dhokla

Step 10:

Garnish it with coriander leaves and yeah your dish is ready to eat.

Rava Dhokla

Hope you will enjoy this dish. please share your feedback and thoughts !!.

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