Is SIP good investment ?


What are the best SIP , I can invest ? Is SIP safe investment.

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  1. Yes SIP is good investment for long term. you can get at least good return but its always based on market . you can check SBI Bluechip, HDFC funds.

  2. SIP or systematic investment plans are relatively-safe investment plans to deposit money in the stock exchange market.

    As everyone is normally familiar with, it is always safe to deposit money in a bank.

    Banks return a small amount of money – called interest – for every amount of money you deposit or keep in the bank, over a period of time.

    SIPs work in the same way, but are volatile and could require you to pay more money if your investment vehicle returns negative profits (i.e. losses).

    While SIPs are known to provide greater amount of interest, for the money you decide to keep in them, they are not safe compared to investments in banks.

    While banks are known to provide a nominal amount of interest, for the money you decide to keep in the bank, they are safe compared to investments in SIPs.

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