How to loose weight fastly?


What diet and exercise should i follow?

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  1. Run for 2000 m per day eat diet without sugar eat some sprouts in morning breakfast do exercise like cycling trademill etc. that burns more calary take lunch with limited food that not more than 400 calories take warm lemon water after lunch do not sleep at noon take light diet in dinner with low fat milk run 3 to 5 rounds of 500 m after dinner. If you fill hungry take some baked salted gram or peas that supplies protein in your body.
    Do not take heavy caloried diet or junk food take food in limited quantity & exercise regularly more than 1.5 hrs workout that sure loose your weight

  2. To lose weight quickly, while staying healthy, one could follow the following steps:

    1.Eat three meals of food per day
    2.Drink 2-4 liters of water per day
    3.Stop eating sweet foods that contain sugar
    4.Eat a little less food per meal and drink lots of water in-between meals – you will feel more fit
    5.Remember to go outside the house and walk about, even for 10-15 minutes per day
    6.Do the chores and housework yourself – that includes cooking, washing, sweeping, and cleaning the house
    7.Start a blog and do some activity in front of the computer or on a digital device for 1-2 hours per day
    8.Read something – like the newspaper, or watch television, or listen to radio – for 1-2 hours per day
    9.When you become really hugry, eat a few bananas – always keep a bowl of fresh fruits on the table
    10.Make and eat salads with curd and fresh vegetables for 1-2 meals per day

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