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    YouTube is a platform where you can show your skills to world and earn money from it.
    First, you need to know what is your skills and talent and then based on that you can create videos and upload to YouTube. You need to create your own channel and upload all your videos to YouTube.

    Now, how you can earn from your video: you need to link your YouTube account to Google AdSense and then google AdSense will show Ads into your video. So, based on Ad view you can get commission.

    But to approve your YouTube channel to enable Ads, your channel needs 4000 watch hour time and 1000 subscriber.
    So, I would suggest first work on Content, what types of video you can create and share with world. Once you have quality content you can focus on marketing your video to get more viewers once you have more viewers you can easily monetize your channel.

    You can also earn through Affiliate programs like amazon, flipkart, eBay. You can sign up to individual affiliate programs and add products to your video description if anyone buy from any product from your link you will get money.
    In simple terms, you will earn money when someone watch Ads. And buy any product from your link. So, for that you need more viewers and more engagement with your audience.

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