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Insights of Freelancer

Let me help you to understand what is freelancing and How you can start freelancing?

Freelancing, in simple term nothing but “master of your own boss”, path to create your own future. Yes, using freelancing, you can offer different services to the world through your skills and that all you can do remotely with your single laptop or desktop, a good internet connection and yes, your skills. You must find your right skill before start, it could be Content writer, Web designer, Web developer, Data Entry Operator, SEO (Search engine optimization), Virtual Assistant, Mobile app development. these are some examples but there are many freelance services are available. In other words, you are going to be a self-employed. For women, freelancing is best option to go with because sometimes due to family responsibility they have to left job. With freelancing they can earn well, care their family and can work from home.



In addition, You can utilize time wisely by taking a break at your own desired time and also can take a nap in between work. Researchers say, a small nap of 15 to 20 minutes has a lot of benefits. It helps to reboot self and is also beneficial in concentrating towards work.

According to a 2014 study commissioned by the Freelancers Union, around 53 million Americans are independent workers.

Few good thing about being freelancer

  • Self-start: You can start your own, you need to know your best skills in which you can provide services. With this you can start your ride. If you don’t want to let your job you can start with part time freelancing in which you can set your hours of work and you need to find part time work. So that’s the benefit to start your part time to full time freelancing.
  • No cost: There is not any investment to become freelancer, you must have working laptop (or PC), good internet connection, and your time and skills.
  • Flexible Time: You can work at your time but you must care about your clients and projects to win good relationship with client. In short you can set your own working hours.
  • Work from anywhere: Yes, you can work from anywhere your home or café or wherever you feel. Only thing you need to care that you are providing your services to your clients without any hassles.
  • Time with Family: you can spend more time with your family because you don’t have to stick with 9 to 6 jobs.
  • Workload: You can decide how much money you want and based on that you can decide your work load. Find and apply job based on your goal.
  • Health & Fitness: With freelancing you can give more time for yourself which helps you to care for your health and fitness. Also, sometime with freelancing you can reduce stress which you have at 9 to 6 jobs. At job your boss is on your head and that’s increases stress at some point.

In summary, Freelancer is self-employed individual contractor who can choose work based on own skills, availability and ability to set own rates/charges. With my experience you can earn well with freelancing but you have to give dedication towards your clients, you have to provide quality work in timely manners to make good relationship.

Happy Freelancing !!!

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