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How to Use Stress Productively

Beating stress is the new mantra to live a peaceful life. The internet is full of techniques to deal with stress. It is usually considered as something which is not normal. Gaining control over stress and discovering ways to utilize it in a productive way can make your life achieve balance and also help you reach new heights of growth. Before you let stress beat you, we are here with how to use stress productively and use it as the most powerful tool ever.

Using stress:

Stress is designed to save us and is a very powerful tool. Stress hormones have the ability to induce growth and result in release of chemicals that serve multiple purposes. These chemicals help in cell regeneration, protein synthesis, and empowerment of immune system. In short, stress makes your body stronger and healthier than before. The act of viewing stress as something which enhances performance, can help your body utilize stress effectively.

Stress as a tool of productivity:

Stress helps us avoid a complacent attitude towards things. Concern, not worry, helps us be more productive. If we stay positive and concerned about our goals, our brains


Photo by Justyn Warner on Unsplash

expand and this leads to quick processing and enhanced productivity.Having positive stress about losing body weight pushes our bodies to wake up early and go through those strenuous hours at the gym. Imagine, with no stress over losing weight, would you ever hit the gym at the right time? This is what stress does when viewed positively and not as something unwanted.

Identify and reframe stress:

Identify the areas of your life about which you feel stressed. If you are not getting any success doing this, then proceed to identifying timings in your routine which leave you stressed. Perhaps, it’s your mornings which make you feel too stressed. Ask yourself, is it possible to sleep early and wake up early? Is it possible to change your job timings? Sometimes, it is possible to make some small changes and bring huge relief to your daily routine. However, at times there are a situations which you cannot avoid but they do lead to stress. During such times, it is rational to adjust your mindset in advance.

Is that client meeting making you feel stressed? Use it as a power tool to make your presentation truly outstanding. Adopt a positive attitude about your meeting and feel empowered rather than enter into a victim mode. This preparation will help you combat inevitable conditions which invite stress.


Photo by Tristan Gassert on Unsplash

Focus on the task not on the feeling:

Emotions are fleeting, they don’t last long. Worry only hampers your productivity and leaves you sulking. On the other hand, if you consider stress as something positive, then you can focus on the task at hand. If you are feeling stressed over not being able to do something just because there are a number of tasks at hand, then stop there and start prioritizing. Identify the tasks which are important for you and then prioritize them. Understand that no matter how much you worry it will not help you cross the tasks from your to-do list. Instead, if you remain calm and start working on the most important thing you need to complete, you can achieve much more than expected. Also, the quality of your work and life will improve drastically.

All in all, it is all about our attitude towards stress. If we think that it is hampering our life and let it overtake our mind, then we can only let it rule our lives. However, if we identify areas where we can avoid stress, we can control stress to a great deal. On the other hand, if we have areas where stress cannot be avoided, we can take steps to use it in a productive fashion.

Do you have any problems in controlling stress or using it a positive way? Share your experiences in the comment box below.

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