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5 Ways to Find Relief From Stress

In the previous posts tips to manage day to day stress, we saw how we can minimize stress from our life. However, when stress is inevitable we can utilize certain ways to manage it. There are some habits which increase our stress. These habits though seem routine do more harm than good. Here are things to do and not-to-do when you are stressed. Here I have defined 5 ways to find relief from stress.

  • Avoid Caffeine, Alcohol, and sugars

Usually, when we are stressed we want to hang out with our friend grabbing that cup of caffeine (coffee). We feel that sipping coffee will remove our stress and relax our minds. However, the truth is caffeine tends to increase your stress levels as it is a stimulant. Even many lovers who have lost hopes take to alcohol. When consumed in large quantities, it serves only as a depressant. Therefore, it is not helpful.

Many of us take to foods which are high in sugar such as chocolates, to forget about our pain or loss. However, these foods cause energy crashes and leave you more lethargic and tired.

Take Away– Replace caffeinated drinks and alcohol with natural fruit juices, soups, herbal teas, and water. Eat salads and a well-balanced diet instead of creating more stress by consuming the wrong foods.

  • Increase Physical Activity

We all want to snuggle in our beds and shut ourselves from the world when stressed. However, walking in fresh air can make your mind feel calmed and quiet. To deal with stress on a daily basis, try to include some physical activity in your routine. You might not subscribe for annual membership in the gym but you can include a 10 minute jog or cycling in your daily life. When you are physically active, you can metabolize excess stress hormones and make your mind feel relaxed.

Take Away– Start small. Don’t increase physical activity drastically. You can start with 10 minutes and then increase up to an hour. However, you should ensure that you do some exercise daily, even if it’s just a walk.

  • Sleep Enough

Being stressed almost steals our sleep and we end up changing sides in bed without getting proper sleep. However, not getting enough sleep only adds to our stress. One might argue that stress creates a tsunami of thoughts and becomes one of the reasons for not getting enough sleep. Though this is true, you must avoid relying on medications for proper sleep. Create the right environment so that you can get sleep naturally. Turn off the lights, brush your teeth, take shower, and listen to something calming. This will help you relax before you get quality sleep.

Take Away– Try to go to bed at the same time every day. This will let your body know that it is the time to sleep. Getting enough rest and sleep helps you keep your mind quiet even in crisis. It not only helps you reduce stress but also avoid it altogether.

  • Use Relaxation Techniques

There are a number of stress reduction techniques which can help you in a stressful situation. From the most popular “Take a deep breath” to Meditating, you can use a number of ways to reduce stress levels. You can also use positive affirmations and repeat in your mind soothing words such as peace, calm, love, care, serenity, etc. to deal with situations which increase stress.

Take Away-Remember situations are temporary but your mood isn’t. Don’t let situations prevail over your thoughts or your mind. Use the right technique to divert your energies towards something you can change.

  • Take Charge

The best way to deal with stress is take control of things around you. Let not things happen to you but you should make things happen. Stress often roots from your thoughts that something is impossible to achieve. Calm your mind and think that everything is possible if you are ready to take charge and changes things around you. Shrug that complacent attitude and adopt a new approach to solve problems.

Take Away-Analyze the problem and write down the different ways in which you can solve them. Note down the names of people who can help you solve it. Approach them and come to a logical solution. Fuming and fretting over a problem is not going to help you. But taking charge to analyze and solve the problem will lead to a permanent solution.

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  1. Great suggestions. I notice I feel like crap if I don’t eat right and exercise.

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